INJAZ- Be Entrepreneurial (EN)

Course Description

“Be Entrepreneurial” equips you with innovative problem-solving skills and strategic business planning techniques. Learn to view problems as opportunities, master brainstorming and Design Thinking, and apply these concepts to real-world scenarios. The course enhances your understanding of empathy in problem-solving, introduces rapid ideation methods, and guides you in developing and testing prototypes. It also fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, covers lean business planning, financial insights, and teaches you to craft compelling value propositions.

Pre-Course Material
Identifying The Problem
Exploring, Prototyping, And Testing the Solution
Developing A Mindset
Assessing Entrepreneurial Potential and Creating An Entrepreneurial Actual Plan
Planning With The Customer In Mind And Summarizing The Customer Elements
Formulating The Finances
Conveying The Business’s Value
Completing and Testing The Lean Business Plan
Developing The Lean Business Plan
Post Survey + Certificate

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