INJAZ Campus is an innovative digital platform that empowers Arab youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with digital courses and developmental resources. With the support of INJAZ partners and stakeholders, the platform strives to maintain a high standard of content while consistently offering students a rich and engaging learning experiences and career development opportunities.

INJAZ Campus focuses on four key pillars: workforce readiness, financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and STEM.

Our digital programs provide MENA youth with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the workforce and pursue their own entrepreneurial and employment ventures. The programs are available in English, Arabic, and French to cater to all linguistic abilities, from ages 5-24.

While the content is offered digitally, each country within our network can choose to implement programs fully digital, in a hybrid format, or in-person. This flexibility ensures that all youth, regardless of technological infrastructure available in their country, have access to the knowledge available on the platform.

Taking INJAZ Campus one step further, our platform hosts career development opportunities for youth in the Arab region. This portion of our campus falls under the Forsati-فرصتي chapter of our platform. Forsati-فرصتي is made possible by private sector donors who partner with INJAZ to provide a comprehensive experience that includes internship and scholarships opportunities as well as access to INJAZ led podcasts with industry professionals.