Acknowledgments and References

Acknowledgements & References 

Recognizing the invaluable contributions and resources offered by a multitude of companies and organizations is a fundamental gesture of gratitude and appreciation. We wish to extend our deepest appreciation to Junior Achievement USA for their invaluable provision of pre-designed programs, which we have adeptly customized, digitalized, and translated to cater to the specific needs of Arab youth. Furthermore, we are profoundly grateful to Junior Achievement Worldwide for their generous support, which has empowered us to pursue our mission with unwavering dedication and precision. 

In addition, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our Member Nations for their steadfast contributions and continued support in consistently updating, revising, and sharing essential content with INJAZ and other countries. This collaborative effort is pivotal in our collective success. Lastly, we acknowledge the multitude of individuals and institutions whose contributions have played an integral role in making this project a reality. Your unwavering support and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in our achievements, and for that, we extend our sincerest thanks.  


Personal Finance 

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It’s My Business 

It’s My Future 

Steer Your Career 

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Project Management Course 

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Career Success Course 

Entrepreneurial Mindset 

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Our Nation Course 

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Our Region Course 

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Data Science Course 

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AI Adventures: Exploring the World of Smart Machines Course 

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Sustainability & Green Entrepreneurship Course