INJAZ- AI Adventures: Exploring the World of Smart Machines (EN)

Course Description

“AI Adventures: Exploring the World of Smart Machines” course offers concise lessons to develop students’ critical thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a rapidly changing world, the course introduces AI functionalities, benefits, and risks. It encourages reflection on the social and ethical aspects of AI, covering key topics like News and Media Literacy, Digital Citizenship, and core AI concepts. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge to navigate the AI landscape responsibly. Additionally, the aim of this course is to illustrate how AI is used to prepare students for the evolving demands of the future workforce. 

Pre-Course Material
More Than Just Sci-Fi
How Computers Grow Their Brains!
The Curious Case of Chatterbot
Understanding AI Bias: The Challenge of Fairness in Artificial Intelligence
Understanding AI Algorithms in Your Online World
Shaping the Future: The Exciting and Ethical Journey of AI
A Journey of Questions and Discoveries
Post Survey + Certificate
Bonus Activity (Optional)

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