INJAZ- Entrepreneurial Mindset (EN)

Course Description

“Entrepreneurial Mindset” is a course empowering participants to shape their personal and professional journeys. In this course, we explore entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, ethical responsibilities, idea generation, and critical decision-making in the entrepreneurial journey with real-world examples. We emphasize the central role of a well-crafted business plan as a guiding blueprint, regardless of experience level, and discuss its diverse types and essential functions for startups and established companies. Additionally, we delve into fundamental economic concepts, such as supply, demand, cost, price, and value, for informed decision-making and pricing strategies.

Pre-Course Material
The Role of Entrepreneurs : Their Strengths and Talents
Entrepreneurial Ethical Responsibilities And Idea Generation
Business Plan for Stakeholders and Business Plan Elements
Business Plan Financials and Sourcing the Plan 
Entrepreneurs and the Economy and Role of Profit
Function of Price and International Trade
Start-Up and Growth Stage 
Expansion and Maturity Stage 
Post Survey + Certificate
Bonus Activity (Optional)