Sustainability and Green Entrepreneurship

Course Description

The Sustainability and Green Entrepreneurship Program offers a dynamic learning journey into sustainability. Participants will gain insights into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), explore the ‘Five P’s’ of Sustainable Development, and understand the history of international sustainability efforts.

The program integrates the study of global education, gender equality, sustainability, technology for disabilities, climate action, and green entrepreneurship, focusing on developing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. 

Pre-Course Material
Empowering Future Generations - The Vital Role of Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Understanding Climate Change
Youth Leadership in Climate Action - Shaping a Sustainable Future
Circular Economy and Eco-Design
The Role of Green Entrepreneurship in Shaping Sustainable Futures
Green Business Revolution
Harmonizing Profit and Planet
Eco-Design - Pioneering Sustainable Innovation in Everyday Life
Post Survey + Certificate
Bonus Activity (Optional)

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